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10 Reasons to Watch Founderful: How a Rebrand and New Fund Are Set to Reshape Switzerland’s Startups

Switzerland’s impressive startup landscape is about to get even more exciting, thanks to Founderful, formerly known as Wingman Ventures. The Zurich-based VC has just announced a rebrand and the pooling of a significant new fund – a move set to disrupt the entrepreneurial scene not just locally, but potentially, globally. So, why should investors, tech enthusiasts, and business moguls keep an eye on this development? Watch this space for the top 10 most riveting reasons.

1. It’s More Than Just a Name Change

Founderful is not just a rebranding of Wingman Ventures. It represents a fresh approach, a rebirth with amplified intentions, and an increased focus to support pre-seed startups.

2. Their Wallet Just Got Bigger

Founderful managed to raise a whopping $85 million for its Fund II, with plans to close at a hefty $120 million. This sizeable pool is indicative of substantial future investments in various startups.

3. Champion of the Underrated

By focusing specifically on pre-seed startups, Founderful is shining a deserved spotlight on often-underrated early-stage companies, helping them grow from the ground up.

4. Robotic Ventures, Anyone?

The range of industries that Founderful involves itself in is fascinating. X marks the spot, where ‘X’ ranges from mobile commerce to robotics, making it a ‘something-for-everyone’ kind of entity.

5. Swiss Startups Set for Spotlight

Founderful’s headquartered in Zurich, but its impact and influence will probably span much further. Through its keen focus on the creme de la SWISStartups, Founderful is looking to put Switzerland startups on the global map.

6. An Impressive Run So Far

Founderful’s (as Wingman Ventures) previous track record has been exceptional, with impactful startups under its wing. This successful past speaks volumes about its potential future.

7. Committed to Diverse Portfolio

Diversification seems to be one of Founderful’s strengths. With a remarkable mix of startups in its portfolio already, the firm isn’t limiting its reach within particular sectors only.

8. A Deep-Breath Approach

Founderful seems to uphold the philosophy of supporting the startups not just with funds, but with resources, expertise, and mentorship too – nurturing them with more than just finances.

9. Refueling Entrepreneurial Spirits

The rebranding and replenishment of funds indicate a palpable energy to inject vibrancy into the entrepreneurial scene, reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit on a large scale.

10. Something Tickling TechCrunch’s Fancy

Last but not least, TechCrunch’s interest in this story is a solid sign that Founderful’s exciting endeavors are already catching the attention of influential tech publicists, funnelling more attention towards Switzerland’s startups.

Thus, these 10 reasons sum up why Founderful’s rebranding and new fund announcement are the talk of the town. When a VC firm embarks on an escalade like this, it’s an intriguing process that guarantees a suspenseful wait-and-watch game. So, for those who are thinking beyond borders, Founderful is indeed making a bold call-to-attention.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters