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5 Fascinating Insights from CodeSignal’s Co-founder Tigran Sloyan

It’s not every day that we get a peek behind the curtains of one of tech’s fastest-growing assessment platforms, CodeSignal. Lucky for us, this week, the charismatic CEO and Co-founder, Tigran Sloyan, spilled the beans in a riveting conversation with Becca and Dom.

1. Meeting the Man behind the Mission

This story would be incomplete without the man himself, Tigran Sloyan. A product of immigrant parents, Sloyan has fully embraced the Silicon Valley success story archetype, where grit meets innovation. His journey from Armenia to CodeSignal’s C-suite is as inspiring as it is instructive.

2. CodeSignal: A True Game Changer

Founded by Sloyan, CodeSignal has quickly established itself as a front-runner in the tech world. The aim of this skills assessment platform is to make talent acquisition more about skills and less about background. Sloyan’s big vision for the company reflects his belief that talent is distributed evenly across the globe, but opportunities aren’t.

3. The Interview Revolution

Imagine an interview process helpfully stripped away from traditional biases like prestigious backgrounds, fancy test scores, or charming charisma. That’s the revolution CodeSignal aims to bring. Sloyan’s tool brings an objective angle to the hiring process, focusing purely on an applicant’s skill set.

4. The Tech and Data Burst

CodeSignal uses data in a big and disruptive way. Built to accommodate the ever-expanding data universe, the platform can process vast amounts of information in record time. The future of hiring is inextricably linked to data, and CodeSignal is already ahead of that game.

5. The Future of CodeSignal

The persistent question remains: what does the future hold for CodeSignal? If Sloyan’s vision is anything to go by, it’ll involve continuous growth, diversification, and maintaining disruptive innovation.

A Final Thought

There is a subtle harmony in Tigran Sloyan’s life story, mission, and what CodeSignal stands for. Having navigated life as a first-generation immigrant, it’s not hard to see why he’s so passionate about building a world where skills, not background, dictate what opportunities come your way. Without doubt, the entrepreneurial journey of CodeSignal under Sloyan’s leadership paints an exhilarating picture of what the future of tech could look like.

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