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5 New Strategies LinkedIn is Utilizing to Boost User Engagement

While LinkedIn, under the Microsoft umbrella, has already dominated as a professional networking and recruitment platform boasting over 1 billion users, the company’s journey is far from over. The latest step in their development? Boosting how much time users spend on the platform. Let’s dive into this fascinating evolution.

1. A Leap into Social Media

In an exciting pivot, LinkedIn is stepping into the social media realm, no longer just a platform for professional networking and job-hunting. This fresh focus aims to keep users engaged and connected for longer periods.

2. Digital Community Building

Community isn’t a term generally used in conjunction with LinkedIn, but that’s about to change. The company is investing in cultivating a sense of digital community not unlike Facebook or Twitter, to enhance the on-site experience and encourage users to stick around.

3. Multimedia Content is King

Recognizing the impact of multimedia content, LinkedIn has jumped on the bandwagon. From videos to podcasts, LinkedIn is keen on delivering varied and accessible content to retain user interest and engagement.

4. Fostering Learning and Development

Continuing its legacy, LinkedIn emphasises on knowledge gathering for professional growth. Their learning and development resources are given a fresh outlook, bolstering its stand as a platform not just for connections, but also for personal and professional enhancement.

5. Adding a Touch of Personalization

LinkedIn understands the value in offering a personalized user experience and with it, the platform is integrating AI and machine learning technologies to curate content tailored to each user’s interests. This could be a significant game changer in enhancing user commitment to the platform.

In summary, with such major strides towards interactivity, community building, and enriched content, LinkedIn is aiming to offer its billion users an unrivaled social professional networking experience. We’re watching the emergence of a professional networking site that not only connects candidates to career opportunities but is also invested in nurturing those connections and boosting their professional growth.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters