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5 Surprising Turns in the Journey of Desktop Metal, A Pioneer in Accessible 3D Metal Printing

Desktop Metal, one of the early leaders in accessible 3D metal printing has been on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs since its inception almost a decade ago. With nearly half a billion in Venture Capital funding under their belt, expectations were high. Let’s dissect the journey of this industry dynamo and draw out some thought-provoking insights.

1. An Admirable Start

Desktop Metal burst onto the scene with a bold vision—to democratize 3D metal printing. The daring endeavor attracted the attention of venture capitalists, and the company raised almost half a billion in funding—a very promising start.

2. Steep Trajectory

Desktop Metal was a gravity-defying rocket when it first launched. Propelled by technological innovation and substantial investment, this company set the trajectory for success in the 3D metal printing sector.

3. The Reality of Challenges

However, the road to success is often fraught with challenges. Desktop Metal hit a rocky phase, which is to be expected in any innovative industry. The unpredictability of the tech world combined with the complexity of the 3D metal printing space presented imposing obstacles for this pioneer.

4. A Hellish Phase

The previously smooth trajectory soon became a turbulent pathway—a “hell” of sorts, as put in the company’s terms. In technology, ground-breaking innovation often comes with trials and tribulations. Factors such as high consumer expectations, competition, and the inherent risks of novel technology can all intensify the struggle.

5. The Outcome: Still in Flux

Endurance is key in successful startups, and Desktop Metal’s journey is only further proof of this fact. Despite challenging terrain, they remain hold their ground, a testament to their resilience.

The story of Desktop Metal is not just a tale of a tech startup—it’s a firsthand exploration of the challenges and triumphs faced by pioneers in new industries. As the final chapter has yet to be written, the journey makes for an inspiring and cautionary tale for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to trailblaze in innovative tech sectors.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters