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6 Major Takeaways From GM’s Expanding Access To Super Cruise

Feeling the adrenaline rush when you navigate your vehicle on the open road is one thing, but imagine doing so hands-free! General Motors (GM) is all set to make this a reality for more American and Canadian drivers with the expansion of their advanced driver assistance system, Super Cruise. By 2025, they aim to span across roughly 750,000 miles of roads including those minor highways often connecting smaller cities. Here’s a closer look at what this means and how it could potentially change the automotive landscape.

1. The Grand Expansion Plan

The first point to note is GM’s ambitious plan to nearly double their Super Cruise network. By 2025, their expansion strategy is geared to touch about 750,000 miles of road across the U.S. and Canada.

2. More than Just Highways

GM isn’t simply focusing on major avenues for Super Cruise. The expansion will go beyond intercity highways to extend its services to rural and minor highways, often the lifelines for smaller cities.

3. User Friendly Technology

A key aspect of the Super Cruise system is its user-friendly technology. It allows for a hands-free driving experience, granting drivers the liberty to sit back, relax, and enjoy their journey while being safely guided by cutting-edge technology.

4. Major Leap Towards Autonomous Driving

This proposal from GM signifies a significant step aboard the autonomous vehicles bandwagon. By extending their Super Cruise system across such an extensive network, GM poises itself as a frontrunner in the push towards mainstreaming of autonomous driving.

5. Enhancing Road Safety

The expansion of Super Cruise should lead to an enhancement in overall road safety. The technology is meticulously designed to monitor the road and maintain safe distances from other vehicles, thus reducing the risk of human error – a leading cause of accidents.

6. Potential Shift in the Automotive Industry

GM’s Super Cruise expansion signals an impending shift in the automotive industry. As more companies follow suit, it’s conceivable that we might be approaching an era where technologies such as autonomous driving become the standard rather than an exception.

This innovative move by GM has the potential to alter our relationship with driving and vehicles as we know it, heralding a new, technologically-driven era for the automotive industry.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters