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9 Mind-blowing Takeaways from the Pre-Series A $3 Million Funding round of Nigerian Healthtech, MDaaS Global

Ever wondered what’s happening on the entrepreneurial stage in Africa, particularly in the vibrant field of Healthcare Technology? Well, Nigeria is cooking up something exceptional. And with a recent $3 million injection into a company called MDaaS Global, it’s clear that Health Tech is more than just a passing fad in this corner of the globe. From securing substantial funding to growing a robust network of diagnostic centers, this company is irreversibly transforming the Healthcare map in Nigeria. Let’s dive into the critical takeaway points from this captivating story.

1. Nigeria Fosters an Invigorating Health Tech Scene

MDaaS Global, an indigenous Health Tech Company is rolling deep within the Nigerian tech ecosystem. This dynamic epitomizes the local commitment to fostering innovative solutions in healthcare.

2. Phenomenal Fund Acquisition

Raising $3 million in a pre-Series A funding round is no small achievement. It emphasizes the confidence investors have in this groundbreaking enterprise and its potential for future growth.

3. Key Players Choosing to Invest

The funding round was spearheaded by Aruwa Capital and Newton Partners, two significant players in the investment industry. These entities don’t make commitments lightly, signaling a profound belief in MDaaS Global’s proposition.

4. Newton Partners Double Down

Newton Partners, having led a previous funding round in 2021, is proving its commitment to this innovative venture. Its unwavering faith in MDaaS’s potential hints at a promising future.

5. Solid Investment Track Record

Remember that $2.3 million seed extension round in 2021? This was just another milestone on MDaaS Global’s path toward putting Nigeria’s Health Tech industry firmly on the map.

6. Tech-Enabled Diagnostic Centers: Killing Two Birds with One Stone

The company runs a network of cutting-edge diagnostic centers throughout Nigeria. These spots combine technological innovation with healthcare efficiently and effectively.

7. Revolutionizing Nigerian Healthcare Access

MDaaS is not just about money and technology. It’s about helping people. By leveraging tech-enabled diagnostic centers, MDaaS is enhancing the accessibility and quality of healthcare services available to the local population.

8. Pioneering a Healthcare Paradigm Shift

MDaaS Global is becoming the trailblazer for change. Through constant innovation, they’re pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo of the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

9. Teasing A Promising Future Ahead

With the latest funding, brace yourself for more impressive developments in Nigerian health tech scenario. The road ahead looks fascinating for MDaaS Global with the potential to transform the health sector in incredible ways.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters