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Ai-powered beer

The new Beck’s taste and marketing campaign were chosen by algorithms

Just when you thought you could escape from AI’s encroaching on your vocation or workplace with a cold bottle (or 4) of lager, it appears that Beck’s is now being advertised with a new recipe marketing campaign totally conceived by AI.

The German beer is owned by the behemoth of a brewery company Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (AB Inbev). It owns and brews Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, among many, many others. As Beck’s turns 150 years old, the company saw fit to celebrate its milestone with a new flavour and campaign that fuses tradition with the latest technology in the form of Ai-powered language learning models and algorithms.

The Beck’s Autonomous campaign certainly looks and feels different to the usual bright and positive (and responsible) alcohol brand adverts we’re used to seeing. Essentially it’s The Terminator meets The Matrix with a ring pull.

Photo: Ab IBev

It’s not just the advertising campaign that was created by AI. Even the recipe, name and container itself were all conceived by Ai. Though how the recipe can create any radical difference from the beer’s ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast, we’d be interested in seeing and tasting it.

In a statement concerning the campaign, Laura Salway, the marketing director at Beck said, “After being at the forefront of the brewing world for 150 years, this represents the next step in our journey. It’s been fascinating to see Beck’s Autonomous come to life and how we can continue to embrace new technology in the industry and across brand communications.”

Pour the other one

This isn’t the first time AB InBev have used AI in its company, as it’s been utilising it in its supply chain, to predict demand, and improve overall operational efficiency across its breweries.

There are several other breweries and beer brands that have integrated the task into various aspects of their production processes, ranging from developing new recipes to manufacturing.

The UK-based IntelligentX Brewing Company used AI to create new and innovative beer recipes by using customer feedback and refining its liquid offerings to cater to the tastes of its drinkers.

Danish brewing company Carlsberg has also used Ai in pretty kooky fashion with its “Beer Fingerprinting Project”. This saw it use machine learning and advanced sensors to analyse certain flavours and aromas, which it saw as “optimising” the brewing process.

Scottish craft brewery BrewDog has even created AI-generated beers, such as the “Cybernaught” New England IPA.

As AI technology continues to progress, it is likely that an increasing number of breweries will adopt these methods in the future to streamline, enhance their processes and maybe (in the case of some) taste better, too!