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Sam Altman calls for AI Regulation

At a US senate hearing recently, OpenAi CEO Sam Altman testified about the future advantages and disadvantages of the rapidly advancing technology.

In the last six months, OpenAi, ChatGPT, AI chatbots and Language Learning Models (LLMS) have become widely adopted and used.

Sam Altman has become the loose figurehead of the developments in AI, in the same way that Mark Zuckerberg has become “Mr Social Media” and called to answer whenever regulations are announced to regulate that particular technology.

Altman, 38, told the Senate that a new regulatory body should be set up to regulate and license the developments and companies using AI.

The skinny on the hearing

Widespread concern has greeted the encroaching effects of the technology, which has been blamed for mass layoffs in certain industries, cheating in education and spreading inaccurate and erroneous information.

Sam Altman went before the US Congress to address his concerns on AI safety.
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

It’s not the first time that regulation has been mentioned and governments have been called on to regulate the technology.

Altman gave numerous suggestions about how the technology could be regulated including a combination of testing and licensing requirements that could oversee “the developments and release of AI models above a threshold of capabilities”.

Senator Richard Blumenthal commented that society needed to “maximize the good over the bad”. He then added that “Congress has a choice now. We had the same choice when we faced social media. We failed to seize that moment.”

There is also a concern that the technology is moving so fast that it will outstrip the regulatory process, especially at the pedestrian speed governments move at.

The bigger picture

The concept of artificial intelligence has inspired writers, artists and filmmakers for generations.

The Creator is one of the latest films to be released that show how humanity’s fixation with the technology could mean it ends up becoming bigger than imagined.

While some people have said that Ai is more of a tool that can augment our lives (rather than replace aspects of it) we should look more optimistically toward a future with it, as opposed through a dystopian lens in films like The Creator.

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