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Bob W’s Quest to Redefine Premium Short-term Apartment Rentals with Technology

In a landscape where the quintessential holiday may spawn picturesque locales and 5-star hotel stays, Bob W, the Finnish site dedicated to premium short-term apartment rentals, is setting a new trend. With a whopping $43 million as a windfall from a Series B funding round, this tech-enabled hospitality platform is poised to redefine the sphere of temporary residential accommodation in Europe.

1. The $43M Song: Bob W’s Series B Funding

The Series B round proved fruitful for Bob W, bringing a grand total of $43 million in funding. This substantial capital injection is expected to fuel the company’s aggressive expansion plan across the continent.

2. Birthed in Finland, Bred for the World

Since its establishment in 2018, Bob W has held its ground as a notable entity in the premium short-term apartment rental market. Originating from Finland, the company is a testament to the country’s growing influence in the tech and hospitality sectors.

3. Tech-Enabled Hospitality: The Bob W Promise

Bob W has reimagined the rental landscape, harnessing technology to ensure seamless operations. This tech-enabled hospitality operator leverages innovative systems to enhance customer journey, from booking to the stay experience, ushering in a new dimension to temporary stays.

4. A European Odyssey: Aparthotels in 17 Cities

Complete with approximately 3,000 “aparthotels” to its name, Bob W’s properties span 17 dynamic cities across Europe, including heavyweights like Amsterdam, Athens, London, Berlin, and Madrid. This extensive network helps cater to a broad range of discerning travellers expecting high-quality stays.

5. From Clinical to Cozy: The Bob W Way

Breaking away from the stereotypically impersonal short-term rental experience, Bob W provides travellers with the comfort of home away from home. Their aparthotels are more than just a place to stay; they promise a unique living experience that combines the luxury of a hotel with the warmth of a home.

6. The Journey Ahead: Expansion and Beyond

With a hefty funding purse and a clear-cut vision, Bob W is determined to explore uncharted territories and potential markets. Rising as a prominent player in an increasingly competitive market, the horizon holds promise for the Finnish company as it embarks on its journey of expansion and evolution.


Bob W’s endeavor to redefine the premium short-term apartment rental scene draws attention to the evolving trends in hospitality. The channels are being redrawn with technology making ingress into traditional domains, creating newer experiences that are transformative and disruptive at the same time. How Bob W navigates this terrain will certainly be a narrative to follow.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters