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Building the Next Fabled Disney: Start-Up “Inkitt” Harnesses AI Tech

In the realm of storytelling, countless tales bridge magic and reality, pulling us to enchanting worlds that reside only within the imagination. In that spirit, budding new startup, Inkitt, is on a mission to take this artistry into the 21st-century, sailing on technological advances to develop a solitaire fairyland for the modern world. With the help of a generous $37 million backing, their target is fair and square- to become the “Disney of the 21st century”.

1. The Ingenuity of Inkitt

Inkitt ingeniously harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unearth the next ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or the ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. It utilizes high-tech science to scan, analyze, and rightly predict which entries to its platform have the blockbuster potential before it publishes and promotes them.

2. Training AI for Story Picking

Inkitt breaks the mould with its distinctive approach to selecting the cream of the crop. By feeding millions of books into its AI system, the startup is essentially training the tech to recognize patterns typically associated with best sellers. After all, best-selling plots often follow similar trajectories.

3. Backed by a Significant Investment

The promise of a digital Disney has garnered impressive financial support. With a whopping $37 million now at the startup’s disposal, its chances of revolutionizing the storytelling landscape have multiplied. This funding will help it upgrade its AI tech, extend its platform, and eventually, materialize its bold vision.

4. The Potential for Content Creation

If successful, Inkitt is poised to unleash an entire universe teeming with fascinatingly original content. Beyond just books, we could see new TV series, movies and animations that began as ideas on their platform. Think Netflix, but with its own original fairytales and sagas!

5. The Empowerment of Authors

Inkitt doesn’t just predict success; it empowers authors by potentializing their storytelling prowess. With its AI system, Inkitt provides aspiring authors an opportunity to be discovered, a chance they might not have had before.

6. Building a Modern Disney

Inkitt is no conventional publishing house or production complex; it aims to become a modern-day “Disney” – not only high-tech but sensitive to the spectrum of stories our diverse world has to offer.


Inkitt appears to be an amalgam of Disney’s enchantment, Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge technology, and the uniqueness of millions of storytellers. With its recent funding, the stage is set for the startup’s lofty, yet exciting initiative to bring stories from the remotest corners of imagination to our day-to-day world. Time will tell whether this sparkling marriage of technology and creativity forms the next international storytelling powerhouse.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters