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Decoding Substack’s Latest Recommendation Update: A Win-Win for Writers and Readers

Every internet user appreciates a customized recommendation! Online platforms have recognized the power of personalized suggestions and have embedded them within their platforms. Substack, a renowned Email newsletter service, has taken this idea a step further. Their latest announcement brings about a notable change in their peer-to-peer recommendation system. This step has the potential to increase visibility and reader base for writers, and also enrich the reading experience for their subscribers. Let’s dissect this announcement together.

1. A Boon for Writers

This innovative update by Substack isn’t another algorithmic recommendation system. They’ve added a human touch, calling writers to take the front seat. Now writers can generate a curated list of publications that they recommend their followers to subscribe to. This gives writers a chance to support their peers by promoting their work, thereby creating a positive ecosystem of mutual growth.

2. Customized Reading Experience

As a reader, it’s quite an arduous task to scroll through an array of options and choose what to read next. Here’s where Substack’s new feature seamlessly steps in. Based on the writers they already follow, readers can now get personalized recommendations of other publications to subscribe to. These suggestions are likely to match their reading palate, making the discovery process quick and satisfying.

3. Elevating Content Quality

Substack’s transition towards a more writer-led recommendation system might also have an indirect benefit on the content quality. When writers know that their peers are suggesting their publications, this could act as a motivation for them to deliver even better content.

4. The Bigger Picture

This update is an example of how technology companies are focusing more on human curation over computer algorithms. The influence of this trend isn’t confined only to Substack. It’s likely to have a ripple effect, prompting other platforms to also move towards a more user-based recommendation system.

This makes us see Substack not just as an email newsletter platform, but as a tech innovator helping writers gain more visibility and offering a richer content discovery process for readers. As with any novel feature, it will be fascinating to watch how this pans out in practice, reshaping the way we interact with online content.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters