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Demystifying Notifications: Unveiling the Unresolved with Knock Founders

In the surge of technological advancements, we often find ourselves grappling with a barrage of notifications. Love them, hate them, most of us actually feel both ways! The notification conundrum, seemingly an irksome problem solved, yet needs a fresh perspective. The co-founders of Knock, Sam Seely and Chris Bell have a different take on this. They propose that solutions like Twilio and SendGrid have barely scratched the surface, hinting towards undiscovered potential.

1. Last-Mile Delivery is Just the Beginning

The notion of ‘last-mile delivery problems’ being solved suggests that notifications have reached their end game. That’s an illusion. The creators of Knock, see this as just the tip of the iceberg. They identify multiple opportunities that lie beyond. This includes creating compelling, personalised, and interactive notification processes.

2. Empowering Businesses

The tech-duo believes there’s room for businesses to leverage notifications beyond just product updates or order status. They envision notifications playing a pivotal role in improving user engagement, not just tickling a frivolous curiosity. There’s an unexplored aspect of targeting specific demographics and tailoring notifications that meet those distinct needs.

3. Revolutionary Interfaces

Bell and Seely see notifications as interactive information streams rather than passive, annoying interruptions. They believe in sculpting interfaces that encourage user engagement. It’s about time transition is made from blind bombardment of information to communication that coherently resonates with the user.

4. Beyond ‘Notification Fatigue’

We all have come across the term ‘Notification Fatigue’. This phrase came to light attributing to our inherent human tendency to respond in a diminishing manner to constant stimuli. Yet, the Knock founders reckon that judicious and thoughtful notification processes will diminish this fatigue and engage users more effectively.

5. Disrupting the Status Quo

Seely and Bell have thrown down the gauntlet to the status quo, arguing that Twilio and SendGrid, despite what everyone thinks, haven’t made any substantial progress in the notification sphere. They challenge the current situation, pushing for progress beyond these constraints.

In Conclusion

The notification realm, far from reaching its saturation, is bursting with opportunities, waiting to be explored. With the right strategic approach, this seeming bugbear could be transformed into an effective tool. One that can elevate user experience and create an interactive informational ecosystem while tackling the issues of notification fatigue. So, are we ready to see notifications in a new light?

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters