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DevOps Prodigy, Harness, Leaps Forward with the Acquisition of Split.io

In a world where DevOps continue to reign supreme, startups like Harness are etching significant milestones. The latest in this series is the acquisition of the feature flag startup, Split.io, paving the way for greater strides in the ambitious journey of Harness.

1. Harness Debunks the ‘Slow & Steady’ Maxim

High-key ambition, rather than caution, seems to be the operational modus of Harness – a startup that has been stacking its deck with broad platform services and strategic acquisitions. Its acquisitive spree recently climaxed with the undisclosed yet profoundly significant purchase of Split.io.

2. Bold Moves Breed Better Results

Instead of laying low amidst the current global uncertainties, Harness chose to swim against the tide. The acquisition shows Harness’s push for a strategic mix, allowing the company to plug any functionality gaps by merging with startups that have complementary operations.

3. Mergers & Acquisitions Become ‘The Norm’

Harness has revitalized the role of M&A in business growth, leveraging it as a tool for strategic expansion. The company demonstrates that mergers and acquisitions should not be a last-ditch effort but instead, a deliberate, well-thought-out move to increase operational efficiency and market share.

4. The Allure of Split.io

While Harness’s latest shopping spree may seem ambitious for a DevOps startup, the move illustrates the company’s keen eye for capturing capabilities that bolster its tech arsenal. Acquiring Split.io, a proficient feature flag startup, suggests that Harness values the contribution of specialized operations in the wider tech realm.

5. The Secret Sauce

Harness’s approach offers an incredible take on how DevOps startups can strategize growth, intertwining platform service development with strategic acquisitions. This combination provides a solid foundation for the company to significantly stand out from the competition.


Harness’s recent acquisition of Split.io may be a significant leap forward for the startup, but it’s not the first time the company has made such a daring move. Harness has shown the world of DevOps startups that ambitious acquisitions can foster growth, enhance product suites, and ultimately, enable the company to serve clients better. By walking this unconventional path, Harness is not only rewriting the rules for tech startups’ growth but also setting the tone for the DevOps industry’s future journey.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters