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Feeling the Love? Dating Apps Experience a Shaky Start to the Year

In the spirit of love and connection, we usually expect dating apps to record a much-needed boost in downloads around Valentine’s day. However, things didn’t quite play out as might be expected this year. Data from app intelligence provider, Data.ai, reveals that the year started on a wobbly note for dating apps worldwide as global downloads experienced a disappointing growth of just 1.9% in January. This alarming trend seems to be marking a shift in the way society dated.

1. Dating Apps Remain Subdued Post Pandemic

The year-over-year growth for dating apps was rather lackluster compared to the previous years. This phenomenon can be attributed to the effects of Covid-19. Perhaps, as the world gradually returns to face-to-face interactions, digital methods of finding love are taking a backseat. The post-pandemic redux of social outings might be steering people away from dating apps and back to traditional meet-cutes.

2. Decline in Dependence on Technology for Finding Love

The second insight from this report is the apparent decline in dependence on technology for romantic encounters. The tiny increase in app downloads could suggest that people are rethinking their relationship with digital dating platforms. This could reflect an attempt to reclaim authentic social interactions that do not involve swiping across a screen.

3. Rise of Alternatives to Dating App

The third point of note from this trend is the rise in alternatives to dating apps. It’s not necessarily that people are forsaking the quest for love altogether, they may just be changing tactics. From speed dating to professional matchmaking services, antiquated love-finding methods might be making a comeback, pushing dating apps to the side.

4. Potential Shake-up in the Dating App Market

Lastly, this particularly disappointing start to the year for dating apps could set the tone for a shakeup in the dating app market. If this trend continues, we could see an evolution in the type of dating apps that are popular amongst singles, where user experience, security, and privacy may take precedence over gimmicks and swipe hype.

To sum it all up, this unusually sluggish start for dating apps indicates a significant shift in people’s approach to finding love. Faces are replacing interfaces as partners to spend life with are searched for on dance floors, at cafes, and in parks instead of through a downloaded dating app. Only time will tell how this dating evolution will shape the app market in the years to come. However, one thing’s for sure: love is in the air, just maybe not in on your smartphones.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters