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Five Key Ways Instagram’s Threads App is Becoming the New Twitter

Do you find it fascinating how apps keep evolving, borrowing features to better their services? Well, Instagram’s Threads app seems to be getting a facelift that might make it the next Twitter! From trending topics, an in-app camera, drafts to bookmarking, let’s delve into the app’s transformative journey.

1. Trending Topics: The New Buzz Zone

Instagram’s Threads app introduces trending topics, just like Twitter. Can you keep up with what’s hot around the globe? Before anyone else, Threads informs you about the buzz of the day, keeping you on top of everything that’s worth knowing.

2. In-App Camera: Shelfie-Ready

Now you can take those impromptu shots without having to leave the Threads app! Yes, you read that right. Threads now has an in-app camera. So whether you’re at a concert, on a road trip, or in the middle of a culinary adventure, capture the moment and share it directly on the timeline – just like Twitter.

3. Drafts: For the Perfect Post

Ever been in a situation where you’re in the middle of crafting a witty, profound, or tongue-in-cheek post, and suddenly something comes up? With Threads’ drafts feature, your thoughts aren’t lost in the ether anymore. Put them on hold, take care of that urgent matter, and come back to finish up. Again, much like Twitter, Threads ensures your bursts of brilliance aren’t interrupted.

4. Bookmarking: For Your Eyes Only

Sometimes, you come across posts or tweets that you’d love to revisit. You could “like” them but, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a more private way of saving these references? Borrowing Twitters’ moves, Threads has incorporated a bookmark feature that allows you to privately save posts for reference.

5. Threads: The Transformation of an App

The evolution from a simple messaging app to a platform that will arguably rival Twitter isn’t a walk in the park. Instagram’s Threads app has morphed, integrating public-facing features like trending topics and in-app cameras so users can share and explore wide arrays of content. The introduction of drafts and bookmarking features marks a significant milestone in this transition, hinting at a broader, more open platform, in contrast to its initial conception as an intimate space for close friends.

It’s a fascinating shift, given the app’s roots. Originating as an intimate, one-to-one space, Threads had a primary function of facilitating communication and connection among close friends. As the app evolves, it appears to be moving towards a more public-facing forum, akin to Twitter. This interesting shift points to a fascinating space for studying the evolution of social media platforms, how they adopt new features, and move to stay relevant and engaging in an atmosphere of constantly shifting digital preferences.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters