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How A Small Start-Up from Estonia Climbed the Ladder of Success: Zendesk Acquires Klaus

Imagine starting a small company in a small European country with a big vision and eventually catching the attention of a global giant like Zendesk. That’s the story that unfolds for Bestonian-born start-up, Klaus. They climbed from obscurity straight to an acquisition by Zendesk – the multinational customer services platform.

1. Klaus: The Small Start-up With Big Dreams

At the launch in 2019, Klaus might have been perceived as just another small start-up. But don’t be fooled. From early on, Klaus aimed to revolutionize how customer service agents operate. The dedication and innovative approach it took were precisely what proved irresistible to Zendesk.

2. Zendesk’s Shopping Spree Continues

The acquisition of Klaus isn’t a solo act. In recent times, Zendesk showed a trend of scooping up impressive newcomers. In the previous year, they added workforce management tool Tymeshift to their arsenal. Klaus is the latest addition to their growing resource pool, proving Zendesk isn’t shy about extending their empire via strategic acquisitions.

3. Why Klaus? It’s in Their Invisible Touch!

The question might hover, why Klaus? The answer lies within their unique offering. Klaus captured Zendesk’s attention by providing comprehensive tools that empower customer service agents to do their jobs better. And in this modern, digital age, aiding employees to deliver better service is a deal too good to pass on for customer-centric behemoths like Zendesk.

4. Reinforce, Don’t Replace

The aim of Klaus has been reinforcing the work of customer service agents rather than replacing them. It provides added support to elevate the quality of their service, rather than substituting them with technology. It’s a unique approach that emphasizes valuing humans in customer service whilst maximizing efficiency.

5. The Klaus-Zendesk Connection: A Perfect Fit

Lastly, what’s more, engaging than a perfect fit? That’s exactly what the Klaus-Zendesk union is. Klaus’ passion for improving customer service aligns perfectly with the ethos of Zendesk. Together, they can create an even more robust and effective customer service framework, bringing better customer relations globally.


The global take-over of Klaus by Zendesk is not just a corporate trade. It’s an inspiring tale of Eastonian entrepreneurs making a global impact with their innovative start-up. This story serves as a beacon for aspiring start-ups worldwide, proving that big dreams and dedication can indeed make waves in global markets.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters