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Key Takeaways from Spotify’s Looming Changes: Embracing Riverside and Saying Goodbye to Established Tools

Everyone’s favorite music-streaming giant, Spotify, has been cooking up something new lately. They’re broadening their partnership horizon with Riverside, the video and podcast recording platform. But concurrently, they’re putting their own web and mobile native creation tools to rest. One notable tool making its departure is the “Music + Talk” tool.

1. Doubling Down on Riverside

After dabbling in the video and podcast recording field, Spotify went ahead to expand its partnership with Riverside. This marks a significant shift in how Spotify will manage its podcast recording aspects, leveraging Riverside’s expertise. Far from just a casual collaboration, this tightened bond shows Spotify’s intention of serving up top-tier video and podcast content to its users.

2. Outdating Its Own Tools

Adapting to change, Spotify is prepared to bid farewell to its web and mobile native creation tools. The company’s investment in Riverside could mean abandoning home turf and fully entrusting Riverside with its video and podcast recording processes.

3. Departure of the ‘Music + Talk’ Tool

Among the old tools that Spotify plans to sunset, an experimental feature stands out: the “Music + Talk” tool. The tool was Spotify’s unique amalgamation of licensed music tracks and podcaster’s banter, something that’s essentially Spotify in its purest form. This change, therefore, is quite a surprising turn-around.

4. A Focus on External Collaboration Over Internal Innovation?

Spotify’s actions shed light on an interesting trend among tech giants. The company, instead of building and extending its own tools, leans towards strategic partnerships. This could indicate a shifting mindset where collaboration and leveraging external specialization becomes more valuable than in-house development.


Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters