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LinkedIn’s Game-Changing Move: 5 Interesting Endeavors into Gaming and Videos

When we talk about a revolutionary shift melting the boundaries of networking and entertainment, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn’s latest endeavour is hard to ignore. It’s no secret that LinkedIn is venturing into the realms of casual gaming and short-form videos, in a move that’s making everyone sit up and take notice.

1. Shaping a New User Experience

The traditionally business-focused platform is set to undergo a makeover, targeting a different breed of users. Caught in the jam between this all too professional networking domain and the enticing world of online gaming, these users might discover a tailored LinkedIn experience like no other.

2. Game On with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn’s bold dive into the gaming industry signifies more than just an attempt at entertainment. It could open up avenues for users to engage, connect, and foster relationships through interactive puzzles. This may well redefine gentrified networking etiquette while making professional interactions more enjoyable.

3. Short-Format Videos for the Win

Following the game-based interaction approach, LinkedIn’s experimentation with short-form videos is an interesting counterpart. This format, wildly popular in the social media space, is a clever way to exchange information, insights or just entertaining content. Viewers usually find these clips engaging and relatively easy to digest, providing the platform with greater text-to-visual diversity.

4. Unprecedented User Engagement

Looking at LinkedIn’s evolutionary strides towards redefining user experience, the focus is clear – stronger, deeper connections for users. By replacing generic and often monotonous content with fun, interactive elements such as games and videos, LinkedIn seems to be hitting the right chords to stimulate unprecedented user engagement.

5. What Does the Future Hold?

While it’s still early days for this phase of LinkedIn’s evolution, the direction is certainly intriguing. If successful, LinkedIn might just be en route to creating a new niche in the digital landscape – a space that blends professional networking with casual entertainment.

In the grand scheme of things, these efforts are nothing short of game-changing. The potential to reach a wider audience while evolving with the shifting digital trends only marks the beginning of a fresh chapter for LinkedIn in pushing the boundaries of professional networking.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters