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Ready to Win Big in Start-up world? Taking Your Shot at Startup Battlefield 200 is all you need

Every year, hundreds of startups across the world aim for the heights and are ready to raise the bar. 2024 is no different except for the fevered pitch it has brought with it. The application deadline for the coveted Startup Battlefield 200 at Disrupt 2024 is less than a week away. For those eager to tread the path of entrepreneurship, it’s a great platform to become a part of.

1. Amplifying Start-up Success with Startup Battlefield 200

This invaluable launchpad doesn’t just act as a catalyst in your entrepreneurial journey but potentially redefines it. It’s nothing less than a grand arena for early-stage start-ups, where they compete against each other to win it all in the world of business and technology.

2. The Clock is Ticking – Seize the Opportunity!

The window to claim this windfall closes on June 10. Despite the stringent 11:59 p.m. PT cut-off, the opportunity offers founders a chance to leave a long-lasting impact in the entrepreneurial world. Don’t miss this game-changing head start in the business world!

3. Get More than Just Winning

It’s not just about taking home the prestigious title; the exposure, connections and recognition you garner from Startup Battlefield 200 can catapult your startup into the big leagues. It can exponentially increase your chances to stand out among investors, secure funding or form rewarding collaborations.

4. A Global Footprint in the Startup Ecosystem

Originated by TechCrunch, the Startup Battlefield has a global reach rending it as one of the leading platforms for budding businesses. Being a part of this entrepreneurial spectacle not only endows global recognition but sets the stage for a promising and sustainable future.

5. Celebrating the Start-up Spirit

The concept and spirit behind founder’s day are significantly amplified in such events, which could set the foundation for your entrepreneurial career for days, weeks, even months to come. It not just validates your venture but also bolsters your entrepreneurial spirit and encourages it to soar.


Partaking in the Startup Battlefield 200 at Disrupt 2024 is akin to stacking the deck in your favor in the world of entrepreneurship. All it needs is an idea, drive, and the boldness to put your startup in the limelight. Given the benefits it offers, it certainly sounds like an opportunity not to be missed!

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters