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Redis Modifies its Licensing: A Shift Towards a Brighter, Cloud-Hindered Future?

Navigating the complex world of data technology is about to take a surprising twist as Redis, the high-profile in-memory data store, embarks on a licensing overhaul. This sudden pivot has major implications for large cloud providers and paves a new path for this data management heavyweight.

1. Farewell BSD, Hello RSALv2 and SSPL

Gone are the days when Redis hinged on the open-source three-clause BSD license. Leaning toward a future where they have more control over their offerings, Redis is now dual-licensed. The Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and the Server Side Public License are now the new game norms.

2. Large Cloud Providers Face a Setback

Redis’ licensing revamp isn’t just for show. Their move squarely targets large cloud providers, throwing a spanner into those offering alternatives to Redis’ hosted services free of charge. This change restricts their ability to leverage Redis’ technology, thus, providing an integral strategic advantage to Redis.

3. A Protective Strategy for Redis

This move reflects not just a shift in licensing, but a change in Redis’ defensive strategy. The shift from open-source to a more protective licensing model ensures that Redis’ core value – its hosted services – aren’t undercut by free alternatives. By restricting access, Redis successfully enhances their competitive edge.

4. A More Controlled, Profitable Future for Redis

By adopting the RSALv2 and SSPL licensing models, Redis is adopting a future where they’re in control. This maneuver is not just an isolated event, but potentially a starting point for more software companies to tread a similar path, triggering significant shifts in the broader data management realm.

In Summary

Redis’ shift in licensing strategy marks a significant turning point, bringing a new fluidity to the data management landscape. With large cloud providers on their toes and other software companies potentially poised to follow suit, this change could ripple across the industry, drawing a line of distinction between open-source based services and those that protect their core offerings with stricter licenses.

So, get ready to pivot – the licensing landscape is undeniably shifting, and Redis is leading the charge. Whether this will instigate a broader remix of licensing strategies across software companies is a narrative that remains to be seen. All we know for certain is that the game of data management is under renovation.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters