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Revolutionize Your Meetings with Otter’s New AI Features: 5 Key Facts

Imagine having an AI assistant that not only accurately transcribes your meetings in real time but also offers a unique review system. Otter is pushing boundaries in the sphere of AI meeting assistance by introducing its latest addition – the Meeting GenAI. Equipped with a query-oriented AI chatbot, the new set of tools launched by Otter will further streamline the process of information-filtering and make your meetings more productive.

So, what’s new and exciting about Otter’s Meeting GenAI?

1. A Notch Higher than Mere Transcription

While Otter’s real-time audio transcription service is commendable, the introduction of Meeting GenAI catapults its offerings to the next level. This set of AI tools does not just reiterate your spoken content but offers an information bank easily accessible post-meeting. The novelty lies in the tools’ query-based working system.

2. An AI Chatbot At Your Service

Meetings might overflow with important details that could get lost in the rush. The AI-fueled chatbot in this toolset promises to reverse this situation. It serves as a trained repository for all your past meeting records, which can be summoned at your convenience. Now, retrieve noteworthy discussions efficiently via this intelligent assistant.

3. No More Dredging through Lengthy Discussions

The inclusion of an AI chatbot that dials in recorded information means no more whipping through long-winded conversations to unearth an elusive point. Simple queries put forth to this AI bot can fish out required meeting details in no time, thereby saving your time and energy.

4. Managing Information Has Never Been Easier

The greatest woe of meetings is probably managing loads of information. The query-based AI bot by Otter acts as a powerful ally in smartly logging and later retrieving the required details. The AI technology at work studies your requests to get you the desired data from past meetings with effortless ease.

5. Raising the Bar for Future AI Developments

Otter’s Meeting GenAI signals a leap in AI’s role in meetings. By integrating an AI chatbot with meeting transcription technology, Otter seems to pave the path for future enhancements in artificial intelligence’s potential. This development stands as a telling marker of AI’s rising prominence and usability.


In the realm of artificial intelligence, Otter’s upgrade of integrating an AI chatbot with its existing transcription services points to a transformative era in handling meeting records. This news should trigger subtle excitement not just among tech fanatics but also for anyone looking to tune up their meeting efficiency. With Otter’s Meeting GenAI, you’re gearing up for a smoother, quicker, and smarter management of your meeting records.

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