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Seven Sparkling Insights into GM’s New Porky Battery VP, Ex-Tesla Wiz Kurt Kelty

You’ve heard of Tesla. You know all about General Motors. But did you know that GM just snagged a former Tesla veteran for their newly minted VP of batteries role? Here’s everything you need to know about Kurt Kelty’s move from Elon Musk’s playpen to this Detroit-based powerhouse.

1. High Powered Hiatus is Over

Kelty’s proficiency in the battery world has been massively missed since he exited Tesla. His hiatus is now over, and this is great news not just for GM but for everyone fascinated by developments in the battery sector.

2. Batteries are Getting their Due

By creating a stand-alone role for a battery vice-president, GM is recognizing the critical role batteries play in shaping the automotive future. This move is eminently significant since it underscores the growing importance of this domain.

3. A Coup for GM

Luring Kelty away from Tesla, arguably the hottest name in the EV universe, can be seen as a coup for GM. With Kelty’s expertise, GM shows it is determined to surge ahead in the battery-powered race.

4. A Hint at GM’s Ambitions

GM’s poaching of Kelty doesn’t just hint at its desire to produce more EVs but underlines acommitment to be at the cutting-edge of battery technology. This hire suggests we can expect bold moves from GM.

5. Kelty’s Not Just a Tesla Alumni

While he gained much prominence at Tesla, Kelty’s experience spans over two decades involving companies like Panasonic. His diverse experience in the battery sector makes him an invaluable asset.

6. Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Kelty’s big challenge will likely revolve around enhancing the output of GM’s battery packs. His appointment shows GM’s proactive approach to tackle their existing pain points head-on.

7. A Potential Tesla vs GM Showdown

With Kelty’s appointment, a stage could be set for a friendly (or not-so-friendly) rivalry between Tesla and GM in the EV market. Watch this space for some electrifying action.

Hang on tight to your steering wheels folks. With Kelty’s appointment, we might be on the precipice of some breakthrough advancements in electric vehicles and battery technology. It’s a new chapter for GM — and for the future of cars, period.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters