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Tapping Into Tunes: TikTok’s ‘Add to Music’ App Debuts in 163 New Nations

Get ready, music lovers around the globe! TikTok is expanding its musical wings, growing its “Add to Music” feature-sharing music to a humongous list of new territories. This feature allows users to add tracks heard in TikTok clips directly to music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Let’s dive into the fascinating details of this exciting expansion:

1. A Sonic Wave across 163 Nations

TikTok’s new ‘Add to Music’ app is going global. The app, which came as a pleasant surprise by allowing users to add their favorite sonic tokens directly from a TikTok video to their music streaming services, is now becoming available in 163 new countries. These include, but are not limited to, Egypt, Ghana, Belgium, Denmark and even the Maldives.

2. A Melodic Shift in User Experience

This feature elevates the interaction between TikTok and music streaming platforms. TikTok—an app once perceived only as a platform for short videos—is making strides in intertwining music-sharing into its user experience. Users across the globe now have a simplified way to enrich their playlists thanks to this musical bridge.

3. From Clip to Playlist in Seconds

Have you ever heard a catchy song play on a TikTok clip and wished you could add it directly to your playlist? This app expansion makes that wish a reality! After hearing an irresistible rhythm on a TikTok clip, users in these new territories can now instantly add the song to their playlists on Apple Music or Spotify with just a tap.

4. Swift Juxtaposition between TikTok and Music Streaming Juggernauts

The ‘Add to Music’ feature enhances the tie between visual content and sound, forging a stronger relationship between TikTok and other music-streaming platforms. This allows TikTok to stand even more firmly against music streaming giants, while providing users with a multifunctional platform that combines visual and audio entertainment.

Swim With the Hits

So, prepare to tune into your favorite beats on TikTok and add them directly to your playlists thanks to the “Add to Music” app. Now available in a whopping total of 163 new countries, this expansion marks a key step in TikTok’s progression towards becoming a go-to hub for music discovery. It’s time to tap, listen, and save your favorite tracks – all on one platform. Get ready for a TikTok fuelled musical ride!

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters