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Top 10 Tech News Stories of the Week

1. Big Tech Doubles Down on AI Investments

In a significant development. Major technology companies have shown their commitment to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Particularly in the field of generative AI. Dropbox has made an announcement about the launch of its first corporate venture fund, Dropbox Ventures. The primary objective of this fund is to provide financial support to startups that are focusing on developing AI powered products that will shape the future of work.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also entered this arena by introducing a $100 million program aimed at funding generative AI initiatives led by its partners and customers​1​. Furthermore other industry leaders such as Salesforce Ventures, Workday, Accenture and PwC have also expressed their intentions to invest significant capital into startups that are working towards the advancement of generative AI technologies. Salesforce Ventures plans to allocate $500 million for this purpose while Workday is increasing its venture capital fund by $250 million specifically for backing AI and machine learning startups. In addition. Accenture intends to invest a whopping $3 billion and PwC aims to contribute $1 billion towards promoting and supporting AI initiatives​.

2. AI Transparency Comes Under Scrutiny

The transparency of AI has become a subject of scrutiny as the technology continues to advance. Meredith Whittaker, the president of Signal, a secure messaging app has expressed concerns about the lack of transparency in the underlying technology of certain AI applications.

3. DeepMind’s RoboCat Takes the AI Stage

DeepMind recently unveiled its latest development in the field of artificial intelligence: RoboCat. This impressive AI model showcases the ability to tackle various tasks with different robotic arms. Marking a significant milestone in the industry. What distinguishes RoboCat from its counterparts is its unique capability to actively solve problems and adapt to multiple scenarios using an array of real world robots.​

4. Robots Learn from YouTube

An interesting advancement in robotics has recently been unveiled by Assistant Professor Deepak Pathak from CMU Robotics Institute. During his demonstration he introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) system known as Vision Robotics Bridge (VRB). Remarkably this particular system has been designed to educate robotic systems through observation of recorded human activities followed by attempts at replication. By meticulously observing vital elements such as contact points and trajectory. VRB provides robots with an inventive means to acquire knowledge and successfully execute different tasks​​.

5. Otter’s New AI-Powered Chatbot

Otter, the automatic transcription service. Made an exciting announcement this week. They introduced a new chatbot powered by AI. This innovative chatbot is specifically designed to enhance collaboration among participants during and after a meeting. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Otter aims to create a more engaging and fruitful meeting experience for its users​.

6. EU Calls for AI Regulation

The European Union (EU) has emphasized the need for regulation as the field of artificial intelligence (AI) expands. To address this concern the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) a prominent consumer group within the EU has urged for immediate investigations into the potential risks associated with generative AI. This proactive approach underscores the mounting apprehensions about how AI is being utilized and potentially exploited both in commercial and noncommercial settings throughout the region.

7. Vimeo Launches AI-Powered Features

Vimeo has recently introduced a range of AI powered features to its video sharing platform. These features were carefully developed to assist users in scripting. Filming with the help of a built in teleprompter. And eliminating long pauses and unwanted disfluencies such as “ahs” and “ums” from their recordings. By offering these tools. Vimeo aims to simplify and enhance the process of creating high quality video content. Showcasing the increasing impact of AI in the realm of content creation.

9. Turning Audio into Text: Gladia

In an exciting development, ElevenLabs has secured $19 million in funding through a recent funding round. The renowned AI-powered platform is widely recognized for creating synthetic voices. Although there have been concerns raised about potential misuse by bad actors, ElevenLabs continues to gain momentum and attract attention. This financial milestone demonstrates the enduring investor interest in voice AI technology.

10. Limitations of AI: Case of GPT-4

As AI technologies progress and become increasingly intricate it becomes imperative to recognize and comprehend their inherent limitations. A fascinating revelation has brought to light the fact that GPT 4. Touted as one of the most advanced language models in existence. Peculiarly faces difficulties in multiplication. Despite its commendable prowess in understanding and interpreting language GPT 4 falls short when it comes to reliably calculating the product of two three digit numbers. This discovery serves as an essential reminder that while AI holds significant promise we must address and overcome its limitations – particularly as we entrust these models with more intricate tasks.

And that wraps up our top 10 tech news stories for this week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of technology!

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