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“The Evolution of Ticket Buying: EQ Tickets Makes Ticket Purchasing Social”

Don’t you just love the thrill of a live show – the atmosphere, the buzz of audience anticipation, the electrifying performances? But isn’t the process of discovering and buying tickets somewhat devoid of those emotions? EQ Tickets, a new startup, plans to change this paradigm by making event discovery and ticket purchasing a social experience. Not just that, they promise competitive pricing as well. Here are the key takeaways from their exciting launch.

1. A Fresh Perspective on Ticket Buying

Accept it — the traditional way of buying tickets has lost its charm. EQ Tickets aims to make this mundane task, an exciting event itself. They integrate ticket purchasing with social networking, making the experience dynamic and interactive. This could revolutionize the way we engage with live events, right from discovering to attending them.

2. Making Event Discovery Sociable

EQ Tickets isn’t solely about purchasing. It ensures that discovering shows or live events becomes just as social. The platform sets the stage for social interaction, focusing on community engagement through shared interests. Imagine finding your next favourite band through a friend’s recommendation – that’s the social connection EQ Tickets aims to create.

3. Competitor Undercutting

In a world caught between extortionate ticket prices and secondary ticket marketplaces, EQ Tickets promises an escape. The startup is dedicated to offering ticket prices that undercut the competition. This means event enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite shows without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

4. Start of a New Era in Entertainment

EQ Tickets’ innovative concept is a shining example of the new-gen startups that are disrupting convention. Splicing social networking and ticket buying, the startup could open whole new avenues for engagement and discovery in the entertainment industry.

5. The Future Looks Bright

If EQ Tickets goes ahead as planned, this could change the game for event discovery and ticket buying, enhancing the user experience, and playing a significant role in how we engage with entertainment. In a future where online social interaction is increasingly important, EQ Tickets is already one step ahead.

EQ Tickets’ ambitious idea could set the pace for the evolution of entertainment consumption – making it less about transactions and more about experiences and shared interests. This exciting merger between event discovery, ticket buying, and social networking, is certainly something to keep an eye on! After all, who wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to a more social future?

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters