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The NeuBird Journey: Transforming the Cloud Native Scene with Founders’ Expertise

Ever wondered how the best in the tech-business make their mark? Meet the founders of NeuBird, Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman. These brilliant minds, already renowned in the tech ecosystem following their previous successful venture PortWorx, are changing the game in cloud native solutions.

1. From PortWorx to NeuBird

Rao and Jayaraman founded PortWorx, a cloud native storage solution that redefined the boundaries of cloud technology. Proving the might of their innovation, PortWorx was snapped up by PureStorage for a hefty $370 million in 2019. This marked their third successful exit in the tech industry, a testament to their strategic and technical cleverness.

2. The Pivot and the New Vision

Seeking a new challenge following their phenomenal success with PortWorx, Rao and Jayaraman’s entrepreneurial hunger took them in a new direction. Utilising their profound knowledge and understanding of the cloud native landscape, they founded NeuBird.

3. Capitalizing on IT

The duo clearly noticed an unexplored corner of the market space in the context of cloud native technology. Their expertise in IT instigated a brilliant flicker of an idea: the next big game-changer in cloud technology might just be right in their lane.

4. The Importance of Background Knowledge and Experience

Rao and Jayaraman’s collective wealth of experience, consistently proven by their successful ventures, adds extensive value to their work at NeuBird. Harnessing the insight they’ve gleaned in the sphere of cloud native technology, they’re paving new paths, developing innovative solutions, and reshaping the world of IT as we know it.

In Summary…

The tech-preneurial journey of Rao and Jayaraman is a testament to their resilience, curiosity, and innovation leadership; factors crucial to their success in the rapidly evolving tech industry. With a track record of successful projects, eye for promising ventures and substantial IT knowledge, these founders are blazing the trail, turning ostensibly complex technology into something accessible and beneficial for all. The world awaits the next cloud native solution from NeuBird. It seems the sky’s the limit for this dynamic duo.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters