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“The New Frontier: Matter Venture Partners Drive Innovation through Hard Tech”

Dive deeper into an investment game changer as Matter Venture Partners roll out their new fund targeting 15 to 20 hard tech firms – a serious bet on the future of technology.

1. The Rising Star of Venture Capital

For starters, let’s talk about Matter Venture Partners. Already known for investments pushing boundaries in the tech-space, Matter is upping its ante with a new fund. The firm diverges from the usual corporate path to accelerate the technology of tomorrow, today.

2. Taking Bet on Hard Tech

What sets this plan apart? The focus on hard tech. Hard tech – elements like Quantum Computing, Advanced Robotics, or even Next-Gen Biotech – aims to resolve complex problems and transform society. Matter Venture Partners thinks these are not only worth investing in but represent the future of industry and evolution.

3. The Fund – Backing Tomorrow’s Pioneers

The specifics are just as engaging. With this initiative, Matter plans to back 15 to 20 companies working in hard tech. This strategic investment is expected to catalyze the creation of innovation that pushes present technology boundaries.

4. A New Investment Paradigm

This move potentially heralds a paradigm shift. Many venture capital firms shy away from hard tech because of its ‘hard’ nature – high capital requirements and long gestation periods. Matter Venture Partners turning the tables on this perspective might be a game-changing precedent encouraging others to follow suit.

5. The Bigger Picture

There’s more at the heart of this than just innovative investing. It’s about a better, bolder future. This fund and its focus could supercharge developments in societal evolution and problem-solving.

6. Unique Insights from the Ground

From an ‘on the ground’ perspective, this could foster a new breed of tech companies. There are countless innovative concepts in hard tech that sit on the sidelines due to a lack of support. This fund might be the lifeline that they’ve been waiting for.

7. A Ripple Effect on Other VCs

Lastly, let’s consider the ripple effects on the investment community. This innovative fund could inspire other venture capitalists to take a leap of faith onto the hard tech bandwagon. This could mean a brighter spotlight and more avenues for funding in a field that usually struggles for finance.

In conclusion, Matter Venture Partners has thrown down the gauntlet with its new fund, and the venture capital community might never look the same. It’s a tall order, but as we’ve seen, nothing about the future of hard tech is small scale. With this pivotal move, Matter Venture Partners may well have brushed the first strokes on the canvas of the future. So, sit tight, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters