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Top 10 Sci-Fi Gadgets that Actually Exist Today

Science fiction has always been a source of inspiration igniting our imaginations with visions of futuristic worlds and incredible technological advancements. Throughout history it has served as a window into the future often presenting ideas that once seemed unimaginable. However in todays 21st century reality many of these concepts have made their way from the pages of books and the screens of movies into our everyday lives.

  1. The Universal Translator;
    Sci Fi Inspiration; Fans of Star Trek are well acquainted with the concept of a translator—a device capable of instantly translating languages from different planets facilitating seamless intergalactic communication.
    Reality; Today, applications and devices like Google Translate or Pocketalk provide real time language translation across languages bridging the gap in communication between people from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Holograms;
    Sci Fi Inspiration; Lets recall Princess Leias holographic message to Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.
    Reality; Companies such as Microsoft with its HoloLens and startups like Looking Glass have transformed interactive 3D holography into an actual tangible experience.
  3. Jetpacks;
    Sci Fi Inspiration; shows and movies like The Jetsons depict characters soaring through the skies using personal flight devices known as jetpacks.
    Reality; Although not commonplace in households companies, like JetPack Aviation have successfully developed personal jetpacks that have taken flight.
  4. Robot Assistants;
    In science fiction Rosie from The Jetsons set expectations for domestic robot helpers.
    In reality we have robot assistants like Roomba that perform tasks although they may not look as human like as Rosie. Additionally advanced robots like Boston Dynamics Spot are capable of undertaking complex functions.
  5. Self lacing Shoes;
    The iconic self lacing Nike shoes worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II served as inspiration in the realm of science fiction.
    Nowadays Nike has turned that inspiration into a reality with their HyperAdapt self lacing shoes bringing us a step closer to experiencing footwear.
  6. Virtual Reality;
    Science fiction movies like The Lawnmower Man and novels such as Ready Player One introduced us to the concept of alternate realities.
    Today thanks to advancements like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR highly immersive virtual reality experiences are becoming increasingly accessible and commonplace.
  7. Bionic Limbs;
    The Six Million Dollar Man captivated audiences with its depiction of Steve Austin and his enhanced prosthetic limbs.
    However in our reality significant progress in prosthetics has led to the development of arms and legs that can be controlled by the users mind—a remarkable achievement indeed.
  8. Video Calls;
    Movies like 2001; A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner showcased video calls as a form of communication, in their sci fi worlds. Nowadays video calls have become a part of global communication thanks to platforms like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.
  9. Tablet computers; taking inspiration from sci fi like Jean Luc Picards PADD (Personal Access Display Device) in Star Trek; The Next Generation. Apples iPad and other similar devices have brought this vision into reality.
  10. Voice activated home automation; has become a part of our lives reminiscent of the voice controlled systems on Star Trek ships. Amazons Alexa, Google Home and Apples HomeKit enable us to perform tasks and automate our homes using voice commands.

As we witness the convergence of science fiction and reality it brings to mind Arthur C. Clarkes famous quote; “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable, from magic.” In this era of advancements we can’t help but wonder what exciting sci fi tech will become a reality next.