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Top 5 Shocking Revelations from the CFPB’s Crackdown on BloomTech

Remember when your teacher told you that cheating would lead to a road of disgrace? That’s exactly what happened to BloomTech, the lucrative coding bootcamp. This saga underlines a story woven around dreamy packages, false promises and legal scrutiny. Caught in the limelight for its alleged wrongdoings, let’s dissect the developments that have shaken the business and reputation of the coding bootcamp once known as Lambda School.

1. It Wasn’t Just About Coding: The Deceptive Loan Costs

The CFPB spilled the beans on how BloomTech’s business model was not exclusively about coding – it was equally about loans. The Bureau expressed that students were purposefully misinformed about the costs associated with their loans. Seemingly, a bootcamp not only trained coders, but also traces of fictional finance.

2. The Deceptive Grads’ Hiring Rate

It looks like a well-crafted lie wore the mask of promising hiring rates of BloomTech’s graduates. The CFPB found the bootcamp falsely pumping up the hiring rates of its graduates. This dramatization did more than just play with the emotions of hopeful learners; it tainted the credibility of the program.

3. Illegal Lending: A Grey Area Unveiled

Adding to what seems like an odyssey of murky operations, BloomTech was also accused of being involved in illegal lending. Gravely enough, these were allegedly conducted under ‘income sharing’ agreements, smartly camouflaging the hefty-cum-high fees. This chapter of revelations shows how digital age lenders might be twisting traditional rules.

4. The Unanticipated Legal Scrutiny

The order from the CFPB shows that the regulatory body was not napping and sprang into action when required. This incident underpins how even highly promising and booming ventures in the tech-ed space aren’t immune to legal scrutiny and face the risk of clampdowns, potentially shaking the foundations of their business operations.

5. The Fallout: Reputation Damage and Beyond

Brought into the harsh glare of the spotlight, the allegations against BloomTech have severely damaged its reputation, which may impact its present and future business operations and enrolments. This regulatory blow-up provides a vital lesson about the catastrophic effects that legal infringements can have on the credibility and sustainability of ed-tech businesses.

In summary, the BloomTech incident rings the bell of caution for all in the ed-tech industry. Amid the bells and whistles of big promises, there lies the dire need for authenticity. The unfolding of this saga stresses the importance of transparency and abiding by the legal rules for a sustainable future in the ed-tech landscape. After all, when the fog dissipates, only the truth stands tall.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters