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Top Five Perks: Unwrapping the Exciting New Features of Uber One

Uber is organizing a shake-up of its subscription model Uber One with some compelling incentives planned to thrill its members. In a strategy aimed at boosting revenue, the global ride-hailing giant will be launching several attractive member-exclusive deals and experiences. Prashanth Mahendra-Rajah, Uber’s Chief Financial Officer, recently hinted towards the company’s developments. With this exciting news, let’s delve into the top five potential perks that could define the future of Uber One membership.

1. Curated Member-Exclusive Events

A hint from the Uber CFO suggests that the company is preparing to roll out exclusive access to special events – think of concerts, special gatherings or possibly even themed Uber rides. This will undoubtedly deepen the Uber experience, making it more than just a simple cab-hailing service.

2. Unique Experiences

The buzzword is ‘experiences’. Uber plans to dominate the scene not just as a transportation giant but also as an experience curator. Members can thus look forward to receiving limited-time offers, personalized services or perhaps even exclusive access to new features and services before they’re rolled out to the general public.

3. Increased Revenue Via Subscription

This move shows the company’s shift of focussing on to subscription-based revenues. While rides and deliveries remain their core business, these exclusive experiences for members hint towards a broader vision. This could open the gates for savvy investors willing to enter the subscription service market.

4. Surprising and Delighting Members

With unique experiential offerings, Uber is indeed planning to ‘surprise and delight’ their members. It’s not just about retaining existing members, but creating a buzz that will bring new users to Uber One. This strategy is more about consumer relationship building than simple transportation provision.

5. Reversal of the Uber Narrative

This move could potentially redefine Uber’s market perception. From a simple service providing rides and deliveries, they’ll be stepping into a space where they contribute to lifestyle needs and experiences. It’s about creating a shift from transactional relationships to ones based on experiences and exclusivity.

While it’s still early to anticipate the exact experiences that Uber will offer, the changes in the pipeline undeniably add an exciting layer to the brand. As they pivot to focus more on relationships and experiences, Uber could well be setting a new trend in platform-based service provision. This move is expected to ‘thrill and engage’ members, and could very well bank on their already established trust and credibility.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters