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Unpacking Zscaler’s $310 Million Acquisition of Cybersecurity Startup Avalor

When a high-growth cloud security giant consumes a barely out-of-the-cradle cybersecurity startup, it’s time to stop and take notice. The recent acquisition of Avalor by Zscaler, worth an enormous $310 million, brings a host of intriguing developments to the cybersecurity field. It’s not every day that a relatively fledgling tech entity gets a multimillion-dollar buyout barely two years after inception. So, let’s breakdown this momentous move and what it portends for the domain of cybersecurity.

1. Expanding Zscaler’s Platform Capabilities

Avalor’s acquisition signifies Zscaler’s quest for additive prowess and advanced platform functionalities. Notably, the deal brings in streamlined reporting capabilities – a critical tool in cybersecurity to investigate, understand, and act on security incidents efficiently.

2. A Colossal Investment for a Startup

With a whopping $310 million spent on acquiring a startup with just over two years under its belt, Zscaler’s move underlines the immense potential and value they see in Avalor. This deal, struck in cash and equity, proves that even young firms, when they show promise in booming sectors like cybersecurity, can attract sizeable investments.

3. Highlighting the Growing Importance of Cybersecurity

As digital transformations escalate, the importance and urgency of cybersecurity surge. Zscaler’s latest acquisition is a clear nod to the increasing need for sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to protect ourselves and businesses in the increasingly complex digital world.

4. A Bowl of Opportunities for Other Startups

Avalor’s acquisition sets an encouraging precedent for startups. It underscores that innovative and efficient solutions, regardless of the age of the company providing them, are valuable assets. The deal might serve as motivation for other young companies who are striving to make their mark.

5. An Insight into Zscaler’s Growth Trajectory

Founded in 2008, Zscaler has carved its niche as a leader in the cloud security space. This acquisition is further evidence of that relentless progression and points towards an ambitious growth strategy for the San Jose, California-based tech titan.


The acquisition of Avalor by Zscaler is a textbook case of how innovative startups can disrupt industries and attract the attention of leading players. As tech trends evolve and the need for cybersecurity becomes more imperative, it’s certain that transactions like these will continue to appear in the high-stakes, fast-paced world of modern technology. This merger may be just the start of more interesting developments in the cybersecurity industry, which we’ll watch with riveted attention.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters