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Unravelling the Software Testing Conundrum: Top 5 Themes from the 2020 Electric Cloud Survey

In the complex world of software engineering, testing is an undeniable challenge. Even with elite technical expertise, things can veer off course, especially in grand-scale executions. In the 2020 Electric Cloud survey, the spotlight was squarely placed on software bugs. Developers didn’t point fingers at design defects but indicted test infrastructure and process issues. A deep-dive into this puzzle reveals captivating insights into the global market for software testing solutions.

1. The Major Culprit: Test Infrastructure and Processes

The Electric Cloud survey uncovered that 58% of developers lay the blame for software bugs squarely on test infrastructure and process flaws. A pivotal insight highlighting that software faults go beyond merely coding blunders, they’re an issue of how we test and the tools we use.

2. The Denial of Design Defects

Ironically, as per the same survey, developers emphatically disagreed with design defects being the cause of software bugs. A noteworthy approach revealing the shift in developer perspectives, acknowledging that design is not the only realm that requires refining.

3. The Challenge of Scale

The journey from lab to market is fraught with unexpected pitfalls. As the survey suggests, testing at scale is a critical issue. Scaling, while maintaining quality and efficiency, is a challenge that even the most experienced grapple with, suggesting the need for robust, scalable solutions.

4. The Unexploited Market

The study underlines a vast, unexplored market for software testing solutions waiting to be tapped into. An exciting prospect for budding entrepreneurs and innovators, the time is ripe for disruptive solutions that can address the niggling issues plaguing software testing.

5. The Call for Skilled Talent

The challenges substantiate the importance of a talented workforce well-versed with modern testing tools and methodologies. The demand for such skills is set to hit an all-time high, pointing towards a competitive job market for software testing professionals.

The issue of software testing is a multifaceted one and doesn’t simply boil down to sticking the ‘buggy code’ label. The Electric Cloud survey raises critical questions about our conventional approaches to software testing, highlighting that global groundswell for more efficient, innovative solutions is mounting. The challenge presents a golden opportunity for those keen to disrupt the status quo and make a genuine difference within the software testing landscape. After all, in the race to create flawless software, how we test might just be as important as what we design.


This analysis is derived from the 2020 Electric Cloud survey. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the interpretations and insights presented herein may be subjective and should be read in light of this.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters