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“Waymo’s Driverless Robotaxis: Hitting Streets of LA Now, Austin Next!”

When it comes to the futuristic concept of driverless taxis, there’s a big player ready to leap into the mainstream market. Say hello to Waymo, Alphabet’s prized offspring which is set to worm its way into the hearts of Los Angelenos now, and Austin residents soon with their self-driving taxi service.

1. Public Release in La La Land

No more whispers and undercover testing; the time has come for Waymo to reveal its finest weapon to the public. Beginning in Los Angeles, this means driverless taxis are about to become a mainstay on the city streets, potentially transforming urban transportation dramatically.

2. Austin, We’re Next

The folks in the Texan city had better watch out. The Alphabet company has marked Austin as their second launch city on the driverless taxis’ itinerary. By the end of the year, the streets of Austin will also be graced with Waymo’s robo taxis, mixing the town’s charm with a futuristic vibe.

3. Co-CEO Takes the Stage at SXSW

Co-CEO Tekedra Mawakana stepped into the spotlight at the prestigious SXSW event, revealing their big plans. It was a strategic platform given SXSW’s reputation for showcasing technology’s cutting-edge innovations.

4. Comprehensive Testing Phase

Before bringing the driverless service to the public, Waymo made sure they crossed their Ts and dotted their Is with thorough testing. An expansive 43 square mile area that includes downtown, Barton Hills, Riverside and East areas were the testing playgrounds, ensuring multiple scenarios and terrains were taken into account.

5. An Alphabet’s Brainchild

Finally, let’s not forget Waymo’s ancestrial pedigree. Being a part of the Alphabet empire not only brings a plethora of technological expertise but also builds significant trust and credibility. When embarking on a driverless journey, these are the attributes that could make or break the market acceptance.


In conclusion, the cities of Los Angeles and Austin are about to undergo a remarkable transition as enterprising Alphabet offspring, Waymo, makes their self-driving robotaxis service public. As Waymo starts its journey on the city streets, the dynamic they bring has the potential to shake up not just urban transportation but redefine our perception of mobility. Indeed, the future is here, and it does not require a driver.

Credit: BBC. TechCrunch, Reuters